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Fundraising during Coronavirus. Lets get creative.

Coronavirus has affected this Stadium Stomp event and it has unfortunately been postponed (future date TBA).

However, this doesn’t mean the fundraising has to stop. Stairs can still be climbed and goals can still be achieved, all-be-it in your own space and your own time.

Are you willing to still take on thousands of stairs and raise money for charity? Now more than ever charities need your support. So lets keep your Stomp alive, hit the stairs at home or somewhere close by, do leg ups on a kitchen stool, create a step at home with a couple of bricks and a plank of wood…heck, just do squats…whatever you have you can turn it into a “stair” challenge and still keep your fundraising alive for those you’ve asked to donate to your cause.

If you’re DONATING, support your friends with any spare cash you have. The amount isn’t as important as demonstrating your support for their efforts by any donation amount you can spare. Maybe it’s your coffee allowance for the day?

Let’s keep those fundraising dollars coming in. Use #virtualstomp and tag @stadiumstomp so we can see what you’re up to.

About The Emergency Services Foundation

The Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) is a charity that has operated for over 30 years dedicated to the welfare of Victoria’s Emergency Service staff and volunteers. The ESFs work is now focused on the issues of mental health and wellbeing within our emergency services. The funds we aim to raise for the ESF will enable them to introduce innovative new programs to improve understanding and reduce the stigma of mental health, so that emergency service people recognise the signs, act early to seek help and have the best chance of recovery.

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